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BARBARA GALAZZO "The Inner Frontier: It's Complicated"

Barbara Galazzo has always been fascinated with spirituality and the relationships among people: whether it is a familial, friendly, professional or romantic.  The series on exhibit in "The Inner Frontier: It's Complicated" reflects on those dynamics.  What happens when we choose one road instead of another?  Do we circle back to find that all roads lead to one central pathway?  How often are people upfront and transparent with each other?

The technique used is kiln fusing.  Pieces are cut into its desired pattern, fired in a kiln, carved or sandblasted then slumped over a mold, fired and finally cold worked.  Galazzo's artworks are multi-layered, sometimes up to 10 layers deep before firing.  Each piece can take two weeks to four weeks to complete depending on its many layers and complexity.

It is the artist's hope that the examination of the transparency in this exhibit can help create transparency in our relationships and illuminate ourselves.

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Opening Reception Sunday, October 6 from 2-5pm  |  Event Link

On view October 6 through November 3, 2019






NOVEMBER 2019 & DECEMBER 2019 | 2nd Annual 'ArtBlnd": A group show of original, small works across a variety of mediums.








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