Aerial Maneuvers by Aaron Winters, Tanzania 2015



Aaron Winters is a New York State artist noted for his “perfect moment” photographs depicting wildlife and natural landscape. The exhibit presents a series of images which range from the parental protectiveness of curvaceous swans to the fierceness of the African leopard feeding grounds. Winters’ favorite locations for shooting are the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Mendon Ponds, and the Irondequoit Bay, all in New York State. He has traveled and photographed in African Tanzania as well, and will return there in January to capture the Wildebeest migration. His panoramic work frequently appears in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle newspaper and in the New York State Conservationist magazine. Billboard-sized displays of his images often adorn the facade of the Convention Center in downtown Rochester.

On view November 17 thru December 24, 2016


image  Aerial ManeuversTanzania 2015