Barbara Galazzo has always been fascinated with spirituality and the relationships among people: whether it is a familial, friendly, professional or romantic.  The series on exhibit in “The Inner Frontier: It’s Complicated reflects on those dynamics.  What happens when we choose one road instead of another?  Do we circle back to find that all roads lead to one central pathway?  How often are people upfront and transparent with each other?  Are there obstacles or distance to working things out with loved ones?  The artist finds it fascinating how one incident or one person can either help to brighten or cause us to dim our inner light.

The technique used is kiln fusing.  Pieces are cut into its desired pattern, fired in a kiln, carved or sandblasted then slumped over a mold, fired and finally cold worked.  Galazzo’s artworks are multi-layered, sometimes up to 10 layers deep before firing.  Each piece can take two weeks to four weeks to complete depending on its many layers and complexity.

It is the artist’s hope that the examination of the transparency in this exhibit can help create transparency in our relationships and illuminate ourselves.


The medium I use, glass, can be fragile, sturdy, utilitarian, sculptural, transparent and opaque all at the same time.  It mimics people and life all at once.  The brilliant colors of glass are what first drew me to the medium.  The hot glass feels like liquid crayons, radiating a rainbow of joy and enthusiasm in each piece.  The vast spectrum of color reminds me of the many facets of life and all this world has to offer us.


My intention is to create a sense of joy, beauty and healing in and thru my work to its owner and last long after I am gone.  My inspiration comes from the vivid colors themselves, textures, patterns in architecture, textiles, shapes, and even my daughter’s drawings.  After so many years I am still in awe of the capabilities and possibilities in creating beautiful glass.


I hope the examination of the transparency in this exhibit can help create transparency in our relationships and illuminate ourselves.


– B.Galazzo

Barbara Galazzo
is a New York fused glass artist originally from New Orleans, LA.  It is the brilliant, lush colors of glass that  Galazzo says rejuvenates her soul and ignites her passion as they flow into objects.  Based on the celebration of color; Galazzo melds light and color into kaleidoscopic windows of movement in fused glass.

At the end of her 16 years as a professional ballet dancer, Barbara Galazzo found herself searching for a new identity and found her calling in glass.  Brilliant, lush colors that rejuvenated her soul, flowed into objects and were so mesmerizing she had to learn glassmaking.  The artist finds that the transparency of glass reminds her of the strength and at the same time the fragility of life.  Galazzo’s love melding light and color into a kaleidoscopic window of movement, through this seductive medium.  The movement, the vibrancy of the colors, and the light reflecting off the colors pull the viewer into a hypnotic state and demands that one look at it in awe.

Galazzo is an artist, art promoter, curator and gallery director.  Galazzo has curated and promoted the ArtFull Designer Show House as well as directing Gallery 66 NY and the Exhibitions Director at Rockland Center for the Arts.  Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in numerous galleries, museums, and commercial installations.  Her work can be found as far away as the Cafesian Center for the Arts Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia.  She has participated in Glass Now, National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia; and Urban Glass in New York.  Some of her exhibitions include Bullseye Glass at WG@BEII, Portland, Oregon; the Art Institute of Chicago Museum, Chicago, ILL; the Chicago S.O.F.A. show, Chicago, ILL; the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY and Skylight Gallery, NYC, NY.  In 2003 her “Boat – Collage Series” was a Niche award nominee and in 2004 the “Ribbon Sculpture – Collage Series” won a Niche Magazine Award.  A few of the corporate settings her work can be found include Kaiser Permanente, Washington DC; Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA; Mayo Clinic, MN; Northwestern Hospital, Chicago, Il; the Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ; and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Knoxville, TN; and the Newburgh Free Library, Newburgh, NY.


“The Inner Frontier: It’s Complicated” ON VIEW October 6 – November 3, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION :  SUNDAY, October 6th, 2pm-5pm





image “Shining from the Inside Like Diamonds“,  fused glass,  5 ft x 2.5 ft,  created 2012   [detail from photo taken by:  Bryan Barger]

image “Rising Above it All”, fused glass, 22″ x 14″ x 4″, created 2014 [photo taken by: Dylan Murray]