Beryl Watson's Fractures No. 7, Oil on Polypropylene, 2015 from the Rock Fractures series




My work is based on repetition.

Starting with a single photographic image I extract details that are constantly unfolding and changing. I seek endless patterns, rhythm, color and shapes.

Generally, I approach a single landscape view as an evolving series of images. The results reveal many discoveries.

– Beryl Watson

“Synthetic Landscapes” is a show of recent work by artist Beryl Watson of Mount Vernon, New York. The 21 oil paintings on synthetic Polypropylene paper deconstruct natural views of places like marshes, shorelines, hills and rock formations. The goal is not in documenting the reality of these natural forms, but instead in capturing a moment of observation and representing its immediacy.


On view January 7 thru February 5, 2017


image Fracture No. 7, 2015
oil on polypropylene
from the Rock Fracture series