The collages on display in the exhibit re: HUMANs are part of a series of work that the artist refers to as the “American Series.”  Each collage seeks to convey a message regarding the polarizing times we live in or in some cases describe a particular incident which characterizes these stressful times.  Not all of the works are pessimistic though. There is a healthy dose of hope that permeates the work. The works were created by repetitively cutting out the profiled shape of a human from Benjamin Moore paint strip samples and juxtaposing them onto archival paper.


I am looking to describe humankind with a concise, adaptable, and universal image or symbol. This “Universal Human” symbol must represent not only the multitudes, but also must describe the individual.  The stylized human figure that I use in my art has been flattened and made gender-neutral. The vibrant colors that are used to describe the figures are to remind us that mankind is a host of rainbow colors. There is no indication as to race or ethnicity. It is everyone, and we are all one.
– C. Strasser



Cassie Strasser obtained her BFA in printmaking/sculpture from Tulane University in 1976, studying under James Steg, Jules Struppeck, and Arthur Kern.  It was during those years that she was introduced to the idea of a “Modern Man” image as depicted by such artists as Ernest Trova, Eadweard Muybridge and the Bauhaus art movement. Since then she has explored many aspects of the human form and it’s amazing mechanics. Recently her work has begun to describe the complex social and political issues that confront us all today. She is especially interested in the polarizing climate in today’s world and seeks to represent this in her art through the interplay of positive/negative shapes and contrasting, vibrant color. She knows she is on the right track when the colors start jumping, sizzling, and singing to her.

Cassie and her husband, Peter Strasser, live in a 19th C. farmhouse situated on 7 acres of wooded land in Rockland County, NY.  Her studio is a repurposed 3 car garage while Peter, who is a sculptor, works in a 150+ year old English style Dutch barn. Recently they have been creating collaborative outdoor sculptures that are currently being shown in the Hudson Valley area.


re: HUMANs

June 22  through July 21, 2019





image “Too Many People”
Benjamin Moore Paint strip samples, acrylic, aluminum, wood
32″ X 42″ X 2″


image “High Line”
12″ X 24″ X 5″
Acrylic, aluminum, wood


image “Pulse Nightclub – 6/12/2016″
collage on archival paper
34″  X 26″