Colleen Vanderhoef's Picasso Style Coil Pottery. On view at LAGSTEIN GALLERY



Colleen Vanderhoef is a local Rockland Artist with an M.A. in Art Museum Administration/Education from NYU and has been an art teacher for over 25 years.  Currently Vanderhoef is a Public School Studio Art Teacher, Clay Instructor at Rockland Center for the Arts, and Board Member of Arts Council of Rockland.

Vanderhoef’s ‘The Sunshine Gallery, NY’, started 2015, and is currently located with Nebula Crafts at Studio N @ Garner Arts Center.


“I take great pride in the quality of my artwork in porcelain and stoneware ceramic forms. After teaching art classes and creating clay projects for over 25 years, I’ve recently crossed over into a new focus – striving to produce purposeful, detailed, one of a kind works. The body of Taino Design pieces in this exhibit at the LAGSTEIN GALLERY were created to honor part of my family culture. Picasso, Haring, and others have influenced my theory of lines and color. My artwork has evolved and continues to change with life experiences.”

– C. Vanderhoef



November 24 through January 18, 2019


image Picasso Coil Pottery, white stoneware coil pottery goblet shape form, Picasso Style design, approx.12 x 9 1/2″, glazed with facial image in black, white, and yellow gloss glaze.