Cristina Biaggi. "Earth #1". Acrylic and sand on canvas. 60"x60". 2018



Cristina Biaggi, Ph.D. has widely exhibited her work in the U.S. as well as Europe. She has created a number of large outdoor works including a series of three dimentional Webs and Nests at various venues including Mount Holyoke College, De Cordova Musem, ROCA, among others. Some of her works are on permanent collections such as her bronze Nest in Europa Parkas in Vilnius, Lithuania.

She has created a number of large commissioned works located in several private houses in the
United States.

Dr. Biaggi’s works are also included in several private collections including Elizabeth Sackler’s in Brooklyn, NY, Jane Fonda’s in California and Sean Scully’s in NY.

One aspect of her recent artwork has focused on creating bronze portraits of people and their animal companions, and abstract collage.

In talking about her creative process, Dr. Biaggi says, “as an artist, I enjoy transitioning between realistic work and abstract work. Creating my bronzes requires my total immersion in contemplating and rendering the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of my subjects – a process where I must concentrate on capturing the minute details of a face and the soul beyond it.”


“Cascade of Earths” ON VIEW July 27 – August 25, 2019




image “Earth #1″. Acrylic and sand on canvas. 60″x60”. 2018