Don Bradford: Pit Fired Bottle #1 8 1/2 inched in height



This body of work shows four different firing techniques available in the ceramic process, each one delivering very different surface results.  Some pieces are oxidation fired (glaze fired in an electric kiln), some pieces are pit fired in an outdoor setting, one piece is raku fired and one is wood fired.  Most of the work is purely decorative, but the bowls glazed fired in oxidation are most certainly functional and can be used for serving food.


Being a potter and a pottery instructor has been my life’s work.  The ceramic process presents one with endless challenges so one is never settled for too long.  There are always questions to be answered about technical foibles and new skills and techniques to be acquired to develop ongoing work.  Never a dull moment.  Just the way I like it.


June 23, 2018  thru July 29, 2018


ON VIEW along with artist, Howard Nathenson

August 25 thru September 23, 2018



image  Pit Fired Bottle #1,  8 1/2 inched in height