Skyland by Howard Nathenson, 2015, 48"x48"



The works exhibited are oil paintings on canvas and paper and graphite/carbon pencil drawings. They are specifically about what the artist feels is the continuing drama of skies and clouds, and the visual dance of the sky with the horizon.


Artist’s statement:

“All my life I have been fascinated with skies and clouds, having been born and brought up in Colorado. Although I have worked in different mediums, my paintings and drawings have mostly been landscape oriented, with skies always foremost or at least an integral part of the entire image. The sky offers an infinity of moods and transforms everything else. As one might imagine Constable is chief among my art gods.”




August 25, 2018  thru September 23, 2018



image  Skyland, 2015
on canvas, 48″ x 48″