Laura Shapiro: West Virginia Strike Power of Women,wire mesh and acrylic,25x17x2,2018



Artist’s Statement, 2018

“Still?”  questioned one of the signs from the Women’s March, 2017.


Since the 1960’s I’ve  worked with other women and men to continually address the unequal treatment of women. Our current administration has made our efforts more urgent.

Part of that work,  for me is to make art that embodies both the anxiety and fear that women hold AND our collective wisdom, vulnerability, resilience, humor, courage and strength. My abstracted, raw  figures, created from wire mesh and acrylic paint, emerge from moving, painting over, twisting, and layering material.  I am inspired by many artists and art worlds including, visionary artists, first graders’ drawings, Frank Stella, Amy Sillman, and  Michaela Eichwald.



June 23, 2018  thru July 29, 2018



image  West Virginia Strike Power of Women, 2018
wire mesh and acrylic, 25x17x2