Lotte Petricone's "Women Standing Watch", 2017. Acrylic/Collage on Wood, 10” x 10”. On view at LAGSTEIN GALLERY



An artist who grew up in New York City, Lotte Petricone studied painting at The Cooper Union School of Art, and worked in film production as a cel animator on commercials and television for several years. She started her career as an educator at the School of Visual Arts where she taught animation and drawing to BFA and Continuing Education students. This led to the completion of the SVA Post-Baccalaureate Art Education program and teaching art at a small public middle school in Brooklyn, before relocating to Nyack, NY, in 1999. Lotte completed her Master of Arts in Teaching – Visual Arts at Manhattanville College in 2003 and is currently an art educator at Felix Festa Middle School in Clarkstown, NY.

In recent years, Lotte’s art work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in the area, including the 2017 ArtsWestchester Triennial, the Edward Hopper House, Valley Cottage Library, Bell-ans Volition Gallery and the Cottage Place Gallery.


These works begin as collages on wood, using parts of evocative images cut or torn from various print publications. They are intentionally arranged so there is no clear sense of space, though they strive to build a feeling of depth. The found images are combined with acrylic paint, as the quicker drying process allows for the layers of various transparencies to build and form rich colors.

The viewer is invited into the image to create their own story – but they are never meant to be linear, and have no clearly defined narrative other than how the found images might come together for each individual.

In the finished art, all small works between 4” and 24”, the observer may have some difficulty discerning which parts are manipulated photos and which pure paint.

– L. Petricone



November 24 through January 18, 2019


image “Women Standing Watch”,  2017
Acrylic/Collage on Wood, 10” x 10”