Pandemonium on the Hillside by Margery Theroux



Margery Theroux received an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and a BA in Art History from New York University. She studied at Montserrat School of Art, The NY Studio School, and with Sam Feinstein in New York City.
She is a former gallery committee member/curator at Hopper House and The Art School at Old Church, she teaches at both locations. She has been awarded Residencies in Canada and U.S, exhibited at venues in tri-state area & New England; her art is in private collections internationally and Special Library Collections in Canada and U.S.


Artist’s statement:

“I work observationally from the stuff of everyday life. Objects find themselves in arrangements by chance, by being left behind, set down and forgotten. They pile up in a chaotic way. The clutter becomes a metaphor for the pressure of time and space we live in. I look for a world that is created by the environment of the clutter. Thus an object can blend with a neighboring object to create a new image, a new language to deal with the chaos. Sometimes these images take on a human expression, a figure or figures, sometimes they just suggest.

These environments are ambiguous. Through examination of these forces on our day-to-day lives I try to create images that are relatable, that the viewer can immediately respond to and perhaps to realize this chaos is universal, part our world today.


Chaos Transfigured is a collection of works representing the imagery created from the chaos that exists in our every day lives. This imagery evolves into a kind of order that evokes different meaning to different viewers.




October 6 through November 7, 2018



image Pandemonium on the Hillside, 8” x 6,” Ink and acrylic on canvas