Frozen Flight by Ned Harris (digital image from flatbed scanner)



Ned Harris’ sixty-year journey behind a lens was a balancing act from  1960s New York street theater to the colors and digital explorations  of the present, reveling in people, places and things in a constant  state of social and technological transformation. From black and  white contrast to color pixels, from organic forms to scanner art,  from social observation to conceptual play – all are encompassed  in his photographs.

Ned was well-known in Rockland County as a designer, photographer and curator who was the Director of Exhibitions at the Rockland Center for the Arts for many years. In that capacity he focused on photography, including such exhibitions as the acclaimed “100 Years  of New York Photography.”

He balanced this local cultural activity with a career as the principal of a large New York package design studio. Commuting to the city daily also gave him the opportunity to indulge in photographing his home town, New York. This interest in recording the city streets continued throughout his life and was the theme of many exhibitions from the 1970’s on, beginning with the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, the NY Historical Society, Rockland Center for the Arts and more recently at JCC Culture Center and Garner Arts Center in Rockland.

The images in this exhibit embrace the many themes that fascinated him, such as faith, memory, the color red and found objects, most of them captured in the confines of his scanner. He took great joy in assembling these whimsical tableaus on his scanner bed, sometimes manipulating them with his hands while they were being scanned, and further enhancing them in his digital darkroom. Everything was fair game, from memory objects of his early youth to gift shop knick knacks to found ephemera. Scanner art was a medium that he discovered late in his career as he explored digital techniques, but using it he employed the same sense of wonder and humor that informed his work throughout his life.


On view April 1 thru May 14, 2017


image Frozen Flight
digital print from flatbed scanner


Works on view with special thanks to Cliff Harris