Floodline: Water Rises

In Pat Hickman’s site-specific installation, the water—a river of nascent river teeth—rises. Above the swirling tide, drawn images of river teeth suggest a breaching of the bank. Will the floodline hold, recede, or is the deluge coming?


In a damp forest by the ocean in Maine, I found what I learned to call river teeth. They are cross-grained objects that grow from the interior of a tree trunk out through the bark to become a branch. I cover these objects with skin membrane, the inner guts of an animal. What is invisible in the body becomes an outer skin, covering what is invisible in the tree. With these visual metaphors, I imagine, what will happen when the water rises?

– P. Hickman

Pat Hickman is Professor Emeritus of the Art Department, University of Hawaii, where she taught for sixteen years. Her studio is now at the Garner Arts and Industrial Center, Garnerville, NY and she lives nearby on the Lower Hudson River. Hickman’s work is in major collections, including the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, the Oakland Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Denver Art Museum, the Honolulu Academy of Arts, among others. In Hawaii, Hickman’s commission, Nets of Makali’i–Nets of the Pleiades, stands as monumental entrance gates for the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Hickman twice received NEA Individual Artist’s Grants. In 2005, she was elected a Fellow of the American Craft Council, and she served as President of the Textile Society of America (2008-2010). She continues to serve on the National Basketry Organization Board. Hickman curated two traveling exhibits: Innerskins/Outerskins: Gut and Fishskin (1987) and Baskets: Redefining Volume and Meaning (1993). Her website is

Floodline: Water Rises

April 13 to May 12, 2019



image “River Tooth”
Drawing, Walnut Ink, 17”x14”. 2019

image  “Floodline: Water Rises”, 2019.
Fiber Sculpture Installation,  River Teeth (wood); Skin Membrane (hog casings)
Dimensions variable

In the Press: Nyack News & Views/Nyack Sketch Log. ‘Pat Hickman’s River Teeth’ by Bill Batson. April 30, 2019