Ray Lagstein's "712", acrylic on canvas, 7X5



Music and art have always been a historical pairing, as is evident in Ray Lagstein’s work.
His improvisational music has evolved into painting, a process of experimentation marked by intuitive perception.
The abstractions, organic in nature, are rich with the sensuality of color and gestural lines:
They are a constant improvisational experience.

Lagstein’s richly textural surfaces are highlighted by strong accents and vigorous brush strokes,
often using rags and knives.The compositions are not methodical or premeditated, rather, they are insightfully reviewed by the artist in the moment.
His style provides for an expanse of compositional variation with the persistent ambience of musical energy.

Lagstein has studied with Eleanor Grace Miller at ROCA for many years, as well as Gale Bennett, in Giverney, France, and Nigel Konstam at the Verrochio Art Center in Tuscany.  Recent exhibits have been at the Union Art Center in Sparkill, New York,  Outside In Gallery in Piermont, New York, Amis Gallery in Nyack, New York, Renaissance Art Gallery in Orangeburg, New York, and various venues in connection with the Nyack Art Collective, of which he is one of the founding members.

He currently performs in the jazz harmony group, High 5 Vocalworks.

Ray’s gallery, the Lagstein Gallery, in Nyack, New York, is dedicated to the perpetuation of fine art in all mediums, including film, animation and crafts.




November 24 through January 18, 2019



image “712”
acrylic on canvas, 7”H x 5”W