The Spirit House is the artist’s interpretation of the spirit tablet on a Chinese family altar. These consecrated tablets contain part of the soul of the departed.

In this form, a loved one is asked for blessings or advice, thus remaining an active part of family life.

The clay Spirit Houses have been fired using the Japanese raku technique.

The shreddings and cast paper from the letters burnt in the firing infuse the clay with the spirit of the written words .

The display at the LAGSTEIN GALLERY features a walk-in installation of 9 foot tall Spirit House and woodfired and raku-fired Spirit Houses.

Chien, an informally trained fine artist, is an award-winning graphic designer with an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA in Economics and Far Eastern Studies from Columbia University. She is in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Women, and is involved in many art programs and panels in Rockland County.  Jennie is the winner of eight artist grants and awards, and more than 25 awards for design excellence.   She works in clay and welded or cast metal.

On display May 14 thru June 10, 2016